Crossover Barbering Program

You will be learning from a real world approach, an educational program designed to provide you with the skills you need to enter the industry of barbering successfully.

This comprehensive system will help you to see, think, create and adapt as a confident barber. You are a part of a new generation no defined by age. You want your information fast, you want to co-create education and you learn best through collaborative efforts within a community. The Pivot Point shaving curriculum will allow you to have more control over your education. We are fully dedicated to helping you succeed by providing the best theory educational content, innovative delivery methods and an unmatched school experience.

Definition of a Barber

Barber is derived from the Lain word barba, meaning beard. Barbering is a career that can be learned in a mater of months, not years and has greater potential than many careers requiring a college degree. This is a field with unlimited potential, one that can take you in many directions, as you become a confident, successful professional.

As the modern barbershop trend continues to grow, the demand for skilled barbers will continue to grow as well. Our objective is to assist you in developing the fundamental skills, knowledge, and experience to get your new career started through our crossover barber course.
Crossover Barber Definition: Licensed as a Cosmetologist and Barber Hairstylist.


This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to become familiar with the Barber profession, Missouri State Board of Cosmetology / Barber requirements, barber history, and shaving. Emphasis is placed on professional practices and safety.


To educate the student with the proper skills, in straight razor shaving. Education will be provided through theory and practical instruction in order to successfully complete the program and pass the licensure exam required by the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering Board and educate the student in developing professional attitudes and habits necessary for initial employment and career advancement.

1 Barber Crossover Curriculum

Core 1

Minimum Hours Required
History of Barbering05

Core 2

Shaving Theory05

Core 3

Shaving Practical
Total Hours45

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Student Testimonials

I highly recommend Ea La Mar’s for anyone thinking about going to cosmetology or barber college. The instructors are incredible, they really care about the students and want to see you succeed. I am very grateful to have been able to go through their cosmetology program.

- Amanda P.

This school is amazing! So many great opportunities, and great instructors. It’s definitely the best barber/cosmetology school in The Kansas City area. Good education, good technical skill training, and great environment.. You'll leave here knowing everything you need to know to be successful.

- Luis M.

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