Barber Hairstyling Program

This comprehensive system will help you to see, think, create and adapt as a barber stylist. You are part of a new generation not defined by age. You want your information fast, you want to co-create education, and you learn best through collaborative efforts within a community. Pivot Point curriculum will allow you to have more control over your education. We are fully dedicated to helping you succeed by providing best theory educational content, innovative delivery methods and an unmatched school experience.

Definition of Barber: Barber is derived from the Latin word barba, meaning beard. Barbering is one of the only careers that can be learned in a matter of months, not years and has a greater potential than many careers requiring a college degree. This is a field with unlimited potential, one that can take you in many directions as you become a confident, successful professional. As the modern barbershop trend continues to grow, the demand for skilled barbers will continue to grow as well. Our objective is to help you develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, and experience to get your new career started through our barbering program.

This curriculum was designed for students desiring a THOROUGH education in the art of barbering. Our accredited program offers students a blend of theoretical training and practical training on a daily basis. The theoretical training is conducted in a classroom setting consisting of lecture and demonstration. Practical training takes place in our separate clinic which offers barber services to the public. The lessons are designed to keep you fully engaged and having fun while you learn. Our program specializes in the nearly lost art of the hot towel shave, clipper cutting, clipper over comb cutting, texturizing, and basic/advanced techniques. This course includes real-world experience performing basic / trend haircuts, color enhancements, hair replacements, texture services, facials, hair removal etc. as you prepare for a promising career. Each student will participate in five EXTENSIVE state board prep classes. Haircuts and trends will change, but the principles do not. The techniques taught will prepare the student to provide quality services efficiently with outstanding results using time tested old and new methods. Graduates enter the workforce with confidence and skills, ready to meet the needs of a fast-growing profession.

Program Objectives

The objective of the program is to make barbering your business. When you’re accepted into Ea La Mar’s Cosmetology & Barber College you will be taught to exceed expectations. Upon completion of the course, the graduate should possesses the required knowledge and skills to pass the Missouri State Board of Cosmetology & Barber Examination and gain entry level employment in the barbering profession. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the student shall be able to perform all barbering services including regular haircuts, style haircuts, shaves, facials and advanced design techniques with entry-level professional barbering abilities. Practice effective communication skills towards clients, employers and co-workers. Practice social media ethics. You will be taught the correct principles of the art of barbering by experienced educators. Our intent is to educate and empower you to be successful for decades.

Setting You Up for Success with
NUTS & BOLTS Business Training Curriculum

A Nuts and Bolts member school is a member of an elite group of schools striving to deliver the most complete education experience possible for their students. It is absolutely vital that your education includes real-world training that will prepare you for success when you graduate and enter the workplace. Not every school provides a business-training program of this caliber in its curriculum. To truly be successful in this industry, you have to understand how the business side works. The Nuts & Bolts curriculum focuses on business and client development/retention.

Barber Hairstlying 1500 Hour Pivot Point Curriculum

(Missouri State Board Minimum Requirements/School Requirements)
42 Weeks Full-Time/ 60 Weeks Part-Time

1 Barber Hairstlying 1500 Hour Pivot Point Curriculum

Core 1 (1-160 Hours)

Class Description
Barber History5The evolution of Barbering
Professional Image20Explore a variety of factors that originate from your inner most self-factors that have the ability to influence your professional image
Bacteriology35The nature of various micro-organisms, their relationship to disease, and how to limit their spread in the school or barber shops.
Sterilization, Sanitation35Proper sanitation with implementation of infection control measures to minimize the spread of contagious diseases, skin infections, and blood poisoning due to improper sanitation.
Implements, Tools15Identify the principal tools and implements used in the practice of barbering
State Law10Rules and regulations for the state of Missouri

Core 2 (161-1100 Hours)

Properties and Disorders of Skin/Scalp/Hair20Understand terminology, identify manipulations and recommend appropriate scalp services
Treatment of Hair and Scalp20Principles of chemistry applied to shampooing, recognize hair and scalp conditions.
Facial Massage and Treatments5Understanding the principles and techniques of skin care treatment.
Shaving35Understanding the variables that barbers must consider and make educated judgements about before proceeding with a shave service.
Haircutting525Identify, understand, and demonstrate safety and procedures for haircutting.
Hairstlying325Understanding the principles and techniques of hairstyling using different methods.
Mustache & beard design20Barbering should become proficient, or specialize, in the design and trimming of facial hair.
Permanent Waving40Products, methods and procedures associated with permanent waving.
Chemical Hair Relaxing/ Soft Curl40Products, methods and procedures associated with soft curls, and relaxer systems.
HairColoring30Principals and techniques of temporary, simi permanent color, hair lightning and color correction
Hair Pieces5Hair replacement systems and other alternative available to men with hair loss conditions.

Core 3 (1101-1500 Hours)

Anatomy and Physiology15Scientific principles related to the study of organs and tissues relevant to barbering
Chemistry5Specific applications pertaining to barbering. Chemical preparations and proper use.
Nuts & Bolts Business Program
Salesmanship/Shop Management5Business and management principles.
Resume Writing, Interviewing, Business Plans295Creating a business plan including financial projections, budgets, startup cost etc.
Total Training Hours1500
2 Career Paths for Barber Stylist

Senior citizen care facilities
Film & television
Military posts
Hair Lock Specialist
Hair Replacement Specialist
Celebrity Barber
Platform Artist
Shop Owner

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the number of barber/hairdresser/cosmetologist jobs will grow by 13% through the year 2022, or about as fast as average compared to other occupations. This could mean thousands of new jobs introduced this decade. The states that employ the most barbers in the U.S. are Texas, New York, California, Washington and Georgia according to the BLS (2015). The metro areas that have the highest employment level are the New York City, Houston and Los Angeles areas.

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Student Testimonials

I highly recommend Ea La Mar’s for anyone thinking about going to cosmetology or barber college. The instructors are incredible, they really care about the students and want to see you succeed. I am very grateful to have been able to go through their cosmetology program.

- Amanda P.

This school is amazing! So many great opportunities, and great instructors. It’s definitely the best barber/cosmetology school in The Kansas City area. Good education, good technical skill training, and great environment.. You'll leave here knowing everything you need to know to be successful.

- Luis M.

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